Simon Property Group, which has malls such as Menlo Park Mall in Edison, Rockaway Townsquare in Rockaway Township and The Shops at Riverside Square in Hackensack, was the subject of a furious backlash. They decided to modernize their mall Santa display. Where the jolly, portly one sits became a white, minimalist glacier wonderland. One could also use the word barren. Not a Christmas tree in sight.

People spoke up. Social media exploded. gathered signatures. On Facebook a group called "Boycott Simon Malls" had 7,000 joiners as of this morning. They wanted their traditional Christmas tree back near Santa!

Some were even calling it politically correct and some got racist over it. A bus driver named Frank Atkins for the Parsippany district ranted on Facebook (since taken down), "This mall used to be so great...And now they go politically correct and refuse to have Christmas decorations up so as to not offend the towel heads. WHAT ABOUT OFFENDING US THE CHRISTIANS! My kid will never visit Santa there and I work for the Parsippany school district. I am sending the word out to all our schools and all the others to boycott your mall!"