When I read Bill Doyle's post about Mick Jagger going to the Tick Tock Diner, I didn't think anything of it. But when I heard Jeff Edelstein question it while filling in for Jeff Deminski I started questioning it myself ... and so so did my listeners, as well as my fill in producer, retired police detective Eric Potts.

For that matter, so did Jay Lustig of NJ Arts. After speaking to Tick Tock waitress Lauren Santos, the question remains ...

Santos believes what she's heard through the grapevine — that yes, Mick did come incognito in the back booth, eating his Taylor ham, egg and cheese, and disco fries, that he took a sloppy Joe to go. Santos says she knows the waitress who served the Rolling Stone.

"She's a good friend and I don't think she would lie to me," Santos told me when she called my evening show on New Jersey 101.5  She was told he came in really early in the morning, alone, wearing a hat, hood, and glasses.

Mick Jagger came alone?

"What I heard he came alone, I don't know, naybe he had his posse hanging out in another booth to watch him," she said. "I don't know about that, but I do know he waited by himself — he ate by himself."

Jagger told the audience at the MetLife Stadium that he at at Tick Tock prior to the show. But how is it that Mick Jagger walks into the Tick Tock Diner and no one recognizes him? No one takes a picture, not  even one to hang behind the cash register?

"Maybe he's camera shy," Santos said.

There is no social media buzz at all? Yet we're supposed to believe that Mick Jagger, who underwent a heart valve replacement in April, stopped into the Tick Tock and had Taylor Ham, egg and cheese as well as disco fries, and Sloppy Joe's to go?

Well, why not? Jagger did announce it on stage. Does he have his own private booth?

He will now, says Santos, — and "everyone's trying to sit in it."

I say if you're Jagger and you're in New Jersey, why not go along with something that will endear you to the peeps?

More than 80% of the people I talked to on New Jersey 101.5 as well as producer Potts don't believe Jagger was there. Here are some comments from my Facebook and Twitter.

Vini Lopez: Yes

Teddy Maturo: Wild horses couldn’t keep him away?

Kevin Bartini: I've given this some thought. I'm sure technically at some point he has been to the Tick Tock. But he mentioned having a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. There's no way a guy who just had cardiovascular surgery is eating that. So I say yes, just not this week.

Steve Zuckerberg: At first I didn’t (believe) but I really don’t think their staff would lie about it. Also, I was there about a month ago in the middle of the afternoon and it was dead, so it’s entirely possible

Len Moore: No, he did not.

Patricia Tyson Purks: Nope.

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