You can say Gov. Chris Christie deserves whatever comes to him in public because of his brash persona, but I appreciate it when he gives it back.

Earlier today, he was attending a baseball game in Milwaukee, where his son works for the Brewers baseball team and some jackass yelled out "hey Christie, you suck!"

Of course the big shot did it when the governor was about 30 feet past him. Well, our governor was having none of it, and being from Jersey, he got in the guy's face.


In this age of getting away with saying whatever you want online with no one to confront you, it's good to see the governor get in his face. If I say something to a person, or even on the air, I should be able to be confronted and defend what I said.

This little baseball jersey wearing, hiding behind his sunglasses, typical wise-ass nobody, just sat there like an embarrassed little smacked ass when Christie was done with him.

Yeah, the governor is a public figure. Yeah he's has a brash style, but it doesn't give license to every jerk week with sports jersey like a 9-year-old, the right to yell mean things to him in public.

There aren't many public figures that would do it, and maybe he should exercise more self control. But when he comes back at people like this and they can't back up their bulls---, I just love it!

I guarantee this guy will think twice about impressing his girlfriend next to him, the next time he gets the urge to tell someone he sucks. I think he just proved to the world, "you suck sir, you do!"

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