The media has been flooded with stories in the last week indicating that wind turbine construction off the New Jersey coast has nothing to do with dead whales washing up on our shores.

If you're a devout follower of the climate catastrophe religious cult, that's all you need to hear to turn the page and feel good again about the wind turbines.

There is big money in these wind turbines and the companies who build them make sure they have allies in Washington and individual states through lobbying and campaign contributions.

A crane moves a whale on Lido Beach in Long Island 1/31/23
A crane moves a whale on Lido Beach in Long Island 1/31/23 (Atlantic Marine Conservation Society)

The average voter who cares about the environment just wants the people in charge to do the right thing.

Like most things in our culture today, wind turbines and electric cars and solar panels make a lot of money for a connected few who don't really care about the environment.

They care about making money. So if Big Government tells Big Media that Big Wind is not doing anything wrong, that's what you see dominate the headlines until dead whales stop showing up on our shores.

The seventh dead whale washed up in the NY-NJ region is moved. (MMSC via Facebook)
The seventh dead whale washed up in the NY-NJ region is moved. (MMSC via Facebook)

One of the co-founders of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, is of the opinion that the mapping of the ocean floor with the use of sonar to build these wind turbine platforms is probably the cause of the whale deaths and nothing else.

Aside from the sonar, which greatly disturbs and disrupts whales' daily lives, the digging for the bases of these platforms have a grave impact on whales' feeding. They are filter feeders and don't chew their food like a fish.

Thankfully, enough local Jersey Shore mayors have spoken up, but is it enough to stop Big Wind if the Big Government politicians are already bought and paid for?

Beached whale in Brigantine 1/12/23
Beached whale in Brigantine 1/12/23 (NOAA Fisheries New England/Mid-Atlantic)

With Big Media telling the public it's OK, don't worry about the whales, it's probably big ships and commercial fisherman, the whole thing might just fade away.

While you're at it, be careful of these creatures at the Jersey Shore too...

8 sharks you may find off New Jersey's coast

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