🔴 A swimmer at Alcyon Lake in Pitman didn't resurface Sunday night

🔴 He was identified as a 18-year-old Pitman High School senior

🔴 Pitman high school students are not required to attend classes Monday

PITMAN – Dive teams searched a South Jersey lake all night for an individual who was reported drowned.

A crowd gathered around Alcyon Lake in Pitman during the search, which included a helicopter. The borough said Monday morning that the search was continuing but concluded in the afternoon with the discovery of the body of Victor Rodriguez, 18.

"It is with great sadness that after just over 17 hours of tedious and demanding work by many first responders," Mayor Michael Razze wrote on the borough Facebook page. "The mutual love and support of our community will help to carry us through this difficult time."

NBC Philadelphia reported that Pitman was participating in a scavenger hunt.

Pitman Deputy Emergency Manager Coordinator told 6 ABC Action News that one member of the group unsuccessfully tried to pull Rodriquez out of the water.

A crowd watches a search of Alcyon Lake in Pitman 6/11/23
A crowd watches a search of Alcyon Lake in Pitman 6/11/23 (6 ABC Action News via YouTube)

A school prepares to mourn

Pitman High School on its Instagram account said high school students are not required to report to school on Monday. Exams for all students were canceled.

Counseling would be available for students all day at the school. An "informational session" would be held for seniors at 2 p.m.

The school's graduation is scheduled for Wednesday.

End-of-year tragedies

Lawrence High School senior Daijah McKithen, 18, died in a horrific crash on June 1 when she made an improper left turn on Route 1 into the path of a dump truck.

No charges were filed against the truck driver.

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