🍬 A bag with a prescription drug was given to a trick-or-treater

🍬 Authorities are asking parents to check candy

SAYREVILLE — Parents are being urged to thoroughly check their kids' Halloween candy haul after a prescription drug was found in a homemade bag.

Sayreville police said a clear Ziploc bag imprinted with candy corn and filled with pieces of mixed candy also contained a green Clonazepam pill.

The candy was handed out in the area of White Oaks Drive in the Park Village development off Main Steet.

The bag was given to a 7-year-old child, police told Patch of Matawan-Aberdeen.

Is Clonazepam dangerous for kids?

Clonazepam is prescribed to prevent and control seizures taken by both adults and children. Some of the side effects include drowsiness, slowed or stopped breathing and suicidal thoughts.

Police asked anyone with a similar bag or more information to call them at 732-727-4444.

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