CHERRY HILL — A Walmart shopper posted video on Reddit of his efforts to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in the lingerie department.

Walmart spokesman Payton McCormick confirmed the incident happened on Wednesday at the store on Route 38.

The video, which was live streamed on a Facebook account belonging to DerekKingDread, shows flames and black smoke from fire on the floor reaching the ceiling.

"There's a motherf**king fire in the f**king Walmart," the man said, and asks if there's a fire extinguisher.

The man finds one in the women's clothing department and walks back toward the fire. As he approaches, another person appears to be putting out the fire. He activates the fire extinguisher and starts spraying the flames.

The full video can be viewed here. (Warning: includes profanity).

White smoke after a fire inside Walmart in Cherry Hill (Derek KingDread via Facebook)

"I just saved Walmart in Cherry Hill. Me and my man right here," the man says as he holds up the fire extinguisher and later asks for a job application.

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He then heads outside to the parking lot, where he removes his mask, continues coughing and brushes soot off his sweatshirt.

"I need a Purple Heart," he says.

Other man who helped put out a fire inside Walmart in Cherry Hill (Derek KingDread via Facebook)

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