Over the weekend an emergency beach cleanup had to be called in Deal. Syringes and other junk totaling about 200 pounds needed to be hauled away. Last week more than a dozen beaches throughout Monmouth County had to close down due to heavy storms pushing sewage and all kinds of nastiness onto the sand. Plastics of course suffered bad PR with plastic straws, lids, cups and bottles being among the waste.

With all these beach closures, here's just a reminder that almost anything can and has been found on Jersey beaches. The following is just some of the more bizarre items Clean Ocean Action has picked up over the years.

  • strobe light
  • bird cage
  • fire extinguishers
  • medical marijuana container (sorry bruh, it was empty)
  • saw blade
  • lawn mower
  • surgical mask
  • jar of honey
  • coffee maker
  • fake mustache
  • car batteries
  • nail clippers
  • condoms
  • tampons
  • raw chicken
  • acrylic nails
  • human tooth in box
  • dentures
  • knee brace
  • statue of Hindu god Vishnu

Yes folks, that and lots more. It's like the old Rt. 1 flea market is back and everything is for free!

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