The annual "Friendly Christmas Lights Competition" is on.

It's the jolly guy in red! (Craig Allen photo).

Welcome to the afternoon of Day 2. (to see yesterday's post, click here)

For the last few years, I have been writing about my neighbors, "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" and their displays, here at

My whole neighborhood looks forward to this holiday lights spectacular every year.

LOVE the shirt, Pat! (Craig Allen photo).

We find FedEx Pat climbing up and down the ladder this afternoon, hard at work, trying to catch up to his usual "get it all done by Sunday night" schedule.

Some tools of the "stringing up the lights" trade. (Craig Allen photo).

But, he knows that's unrealistic this year, due to his increased holiday work schedule, and the cold (Friday) and rain (Saturday/yesterday).

Santa's Workshop/NJ Branch is ready for business. (Craig Allen photo).

Clearly, FedEx Pat is enjoying (and taking advantage of) the sunshine and near 60 degree warmth today.

This yard angel proclaims that the effort this afternoon is...good. (Craig Allen photo).

It's a much need "payback."

The shooting star is waiting to light up the night sky. (Craig Allen photo).

As the afternoon rolls on...

Frosty and his posse have arrived. (Craig Allen photo).

...there is much to be done....

"Rudolph, with your nose so bring"...what are you doing? (Craig Allen photo).

...although it seems that "Rudy" is...lying down on the job!

As the sun starts to fade, we find FedEx Pat...

The man..the myth..the legend...and his lights! (Craig Allen photo).

...on the roof, untangling another string of lights...which will become a part of 3,000 lights on the roof, alone!

The large star at the roof's center will make its 2018 debut in the next few days.

Meanwhile, down the street...

Wait for it... (Craig Allen photo).

...Cornershow Bob's display will start to take the days to come.

Tradition says that he will add to it, right through Christmas Eve!

Maybe, even on Christmas Day!

FedEx Pat and Cornershow Bob take a break during last year's "competition." (Craig Allen photo).

Stay tuned, as this much-loved annual neighborhood events continues to evolve, spreading HOLIDAY JOY...Jersey style!