For the uninitiated, THIS is something that my whole neighborhood looks forward to each year!

The Christmas Holiday season has officially arrived, when "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" start "stringing up the lights!"

FedEx Pat and one of many strings of lights! (Craig Allen photo).

Tradition states that FedEx Pat puts up his display, taking advantage of the long holiday weekend...and gets it all done.

But, this year's effort (to get it all done) is off to a slower start.

Thanks to (additional) job responsibilities...and "Mother Nature."

Yesterday morning's extreme cold, and this afternoon's (Saturday) rain, to be specific.

These strings of festive lights will...light up the night! (Craig Allen photo).

Meanwhile, down the street, Cornershow Bob will start his display (very soon)...and he will keep adding to it, right up til the big day...Christmas Day.

FedEx Pat and Cornershow Bob last year...two buddies on a continuing mission. (Craig Allen photo).

Back to FedEx's display: Each year, Pat and Jen come up with something new to add...

The workshop on Christmas Day last year. (Craig Allen photo)

...last year, it was Santa in his workshop.

This year?

We'll know...soon. Maybe by tomorrow (Sunday) night.

The ladder awaits. (Craig Allen photo).

FedEx Pat plans on putting up the roof decorations tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

MORE lights... (Craig Allen photo).

This annual display is truly a labor of love. And, WE love it!

All Ho-Ho-Ho work is...being carefully supervised! (Craig Allen photo).

Every year, I share the joy here at!

Stay tuned for "friendly competition" updates!

"Seasons Greetings" indeed!