Deborah Harry...Blondie...was born in Miami. But she GREW UP here in New Jersey!

"Call Me" is a song about...prostitution!

And, no...its just a coincidence that the "Fun Fact" song "Hot Child In The City" from a few weekends back...addresses the same...phenomenon (click here to read that article).

"Call Me" is featured on the "American Gigolo" soundtrack album. It is the "soundtrack" for the movie scene where the main character is "working."

While "Call Me" wasn't Blondie's first #1 hit...

The fact that it was at the top spot for 6 weeks in the Spring of 1980...makes it the band's BIGGEST hit!

("Call Me" and "The Tide Is High" both stood at #1 for 1 week, "Rapture" was a #1 hit for 2 weeks).

"Call Me" also ended up being the best selling record of 1980, in New Jersey and across the USA!

It was written by European Disco Producer Giorgio Moroder.

Debbie Harry had a hand in writing this smash hit...making her the first woman in BRITISH chart history to write three #1 hits...

It is interesting to note that "Blondie" (Debbie Harry as an individual) wasn't the Italian producer's first choice for vocals on the song!

Moroder initially wanted Stevie Nicks...but she turned him down.

Take a few moments to imagine what "Call Me" might have sounded like....hmmmm....

Later, Giorgio Morodor told "Billboard Magazine" that he had a hard time working with "Blondie." And, with rock bands in general!

Moroder referencing constant bickering.

"I was supposed to do an album with them after that. We went to the studio, and the guitarist was fighting with the keyboard player. I called their manager and quit."

Now, I once again wonder...what would a (totally) disco-influenced Blondie album have sounded like...and would it have been a big hit...or too much "disco" too late, coinciding with the early 1980's "disco backlash."

"Blondie" would break up in 1982...they reformed in the late 1990's...and again in the late 2000's...the band toured with Pat Benatar in 2008.

The band remains active...

Blondie will be touring Australia with Cyndi Lauper in April!

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What else is Blondie up to? Check their official site here!

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