Many of us have things about our neighbors houses we may not like. It could be the color they chose for their house or the stuff in their yard or their political signs.

The neighborly, mature adult thing to do would be to go over and have a conversation about the annoying thing. Maybe offer some friendly advice. Perhaps the person doesn't realize it's bothering some of the neighbors. Maybe it's only bothering you, but you could have that conversation and figure things out.

No, that's not what a resident in Whitehouse Station in the township of Readington did. It seems he didn't like the Trump flags and signs in his neighbor's yard, so he decided to be a little child about it and tried to chastise his neighbor with a nasty note in the mail.

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The only problem is, he somehow got the wrong address and the wrong neighbor. And we mean the WRONG neighbor.

The note turned up in the mailbox of a veteran named Chris, who doesn't shy away from a little conflict. It seems he might agree with the neighbor's signs or at least his right to have them up, so he decided to send a message to the cowardly neighbor in clear view of everyone in the neighborhood and Facebook.

If you have a problem with a neighbor, sending an anonymous letter might seem like the safe way to go but it just may backfire.

Neighborhoods are funny sometimes. You may not realize what people actually know about you even if you've never had a conversation with them. People figure things out.

In this case they probably know who the stealth hater is and isn't that more uncomfortable than going over and having a conversation?

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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