There's a possibility that Gov. Christie could be asked to join Donald Trump's ticket. The reason I say that is because Donald Trump is unconventional if nothing else.

While that may not surprise you, what could be a even a better chance, is that Senator Cory Booker gets chosen as Hillary Clinton's running mate. Now think about that for a second. Could you imagine an undercard battle between the two Jersey politicians?

I think between the two of them, people are upset at the lack of progress. So while Christie and Booker may resonate with other people across the country, they will probably get very little support here in their own state.

Think people aren't upset with their our politicians? Listen to one of our callers from this morning, John from Runnemede, who went on a rant for the ages about how angry he was at NJ politicians and the NJ educational system.

If the vote came down to being based on the undercard, who would you wind up voting for? Take the poll below.

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