Our #BlueFriday honoree this Friday is Galloway Township Police Chief Donna Higbee.

Last week, a man described as "emotionally disturbed" crashed his car into the Smithville Wawa. He was wielding two knives and, according to BreakingAC.com, witnesses say the man was telling police to stay back.

Enter the responding Galloway Township police, who were able to contain the situation to the parking lot, clear everyone from the scene and eventually bring the situation to a peaceful conclusion. The chief later thanked other responding departments including Hamilton PD, Atlantic county SWAT and Egg Harbor PD.

This is a great example of leadership and humility. The cops involved performed at the highest level and prevented a situation from getting out of control. The Chief showed compassion for the man arrested, praise for her officers and humility for recognizing the efforts of everyone involved. Given her leadership, I thought she's the right person to be honored today.

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