CARTERET — A Carteret officer suspended after being seen on tape allegedly "savagely" beating a 16-year-old faces more charges in connection with the May incident.

Carteret police officer Joseph Reiman, 31, the brother of Mayor Daniel Reiman, was charged with assault in the encounter with the 16-year-old boy in May. The incident was caught on police video and released after the teen's family released photos showing the boy bloody and bruised in a hospital bed. reported the officer pleaded not guilty to three counts of official misconduct and records tampering Friday. One of the misconduct counts alleged Reiman did not turn his body camera on the night of the incident.

He has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.

In a 17-minute video that shows most of the violent encounter, the teen is seen getting out his stopped car when the time stamp on the video is at 00:31:56.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

About 6 seconds later, an officer shouts, “Get on the f***ing ground!” as the teen bends his knees and reaches for the ground.

Three seconds later, the officer comes into the frame of the video and gets over the teen, who is on the ground.

Two seconds after that, the cop begins swinging his fists as the teen appears to roll on the ground beneath the officer.

The audio is hard to make out over the police car siren’s wail, but shouts of “get on the f***ing ground” can be heard.

Much of the struggle is obscured because it takes place partially out of frame. But the officer appears to continue to hit the suspect after almost a minute.

At 00:33:33, another officer comes into the picture as the first officer and teen appear to continue their struggle. For about 13 seconds, there are shouts of “stop resisting!”

The first officer gets up and turns off the car’s siren almost three minutes after the teen first reaches for the ground.

Prosecutors allege Reiman assaulted the teen after he had surrendered and failed to use “reasonable discretion or restraint.”

The video was released in July  after the state Supreme Court ruled such videos are public.

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