Comedian J.P. Sears joined me in studio on Friday to discuss his full weekend of comedy at the Stress Factory. Gotta give it to J.P., he's a good sport. Not only did he answer some strange questions from our listeners, but he agreed to perform the famed (soon to be iconic...maybe not) Muffin Joke!

As you know, since Tommy Johnigan told me his favorite 'street joke', we've had several comics visit us and expand on the joke. Remember Playboy TV host Kate Quigley?

Then we had Felipe Esparza, Johnny Roque and Rodrigo Torres give it a shot.

Of course, who can forget that time ventriloquist comic Paul Zerdin brought the muffin joke to the next level with actual muffins?!?

Seems people still like to hear the joke, even when Jessica gave the crowd at one of our recent theater shows an out, they clamored for it...we're not entirely sure why.

But with the joke being told in the style of the "Aristocrats", it's working and pushing the comics to the limits of their creative talents! The only rule we have is keep the opening and the punch line the same. The middle is for them to get creative...please be careful, don't try this at home...actually, do try it, and send us your best version!

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