OK, there's no video, but I thought I'd share a quick story about our hugely successful Saturday night event at the Brook Arts Center in Bound Brook NJ. My podcast co-host Jessica Nutt took the stage to open the show promptly at 8pm in front of a couple hundred in the audience. She did an outstanding job hosting and introducing Steve Trevelise, Eric Potts, headliner Jay Black, and newcomer Vinnie Nardiello only had one surprise moment.


After my comedy set she said to the crowd..."You're welcome!" as she explained that she made me promise not to tell #TheMuffinJoke. Many people actually groaned and some booed! Apparently the crowd wanted to hear the story of 'two muffins in an oven'.....just one more time. She brought me back on stage and I told it, as I have told it one hundred times before. And as I expected, people reacted appropriately and reminded of why Jessica 'banned' the joke from our performances.

Our next show will be coming soon...stay tuned!

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