I've taken a lot of grief from the staff about the muffin joke, but did we finally find a way to make the joke funny?

I think this is as good as it's going to get. We were fortunate to have Comedian and Ventriloquist, Paul Zerdin in studio this morning. Paul was the winner of America's Got Talent. You can catch Paul and his puppet Sam performing all weekend at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick. We decided to recruit Paul to help us make the muffin joke funny.

What better way to make the muffin joke funny than to have a talented ventriloquist makes the muffins speak! Yes, the muffin joke has come alive!

The joke originally got lost in translation between us but as you can see in the video above, once we got going, we had a LOT of fun with creating a live version of the muffin joke.

You can check out the making of the muffin joke video in the You Tube clip above. Be sure to watch the full video as we have a couple of funny outtakes in there as well!

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