Need quick life-saving instruction in CPR? Now there’s an app for that!

Colts Neck resident Jim Schatzle, President of Team Life Incorporated, turned his life-long passion of CPR training into an I-Phone, Android and Blackberry app. Schatzle developed the Team Life CPR App to be simple to use and portable.

“You push your Team Life CPR Rescue Application. We come on your screen and both visually and audibly, step-by-step, just like you had a CPR Instructor standing over your shoulder, we guide you through the steps of CPR.”

Schatzle says every 90 seconds someone in the country succumbs to a sudden cardiac episode and sadly only 5 percent survive. He says that’s because in many cases people wait an average of 10 to 15 minutes for Paramedics to arrive and by the time they get there it’s too late. Schatzle says “So what I want to do is empower people to go ahead and start care prior to help arriving truly for the patient to have any chance of survival.”

June 1 – 7 is CPR/AED Awareness week. Schatzle is a Colts Neck Committeeman and former Mayor who served as a paid paramedic for twenty years and thirty years as a volunteer EMT in the town of Colts Neck.