It's fair to ask: What does the rest of the neighborhood do when "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" wage a "Friendly Christmas Lights Competition?"

(for the "competition story," click here)

As you will see ...

"FedEX Pat" delivers. (Craig Allen photo).

... many neighbors step up.

Enjoy Bob's "show" on the "corner." (Craig Allen photo).

Take a late night stroll with me, and ... ENJOY.

Craig Allen's neighborhood on display. (Craig Allen photos).
Don't worry, Santa is just resting. (Craig Allen photo).

My neighbors are most...JOLLY!

No "Grinch" here...

It's...Cindy Lou Who...and "Grinchy Claus" and his dog, Max. (Craig Allen photo).

Merry Christmas...from my neighborhood to yours.