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Gov. Chris Christie warned local officials in his state not to doubt President Donald Trump's "resolve" when it comes to blocking federal funding to cities that don't cooperate with immigration authorities.

Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that would take away grants from cities that protect immigrants from deportation.

The mayors of the state's two larges cities — Newark and Jersey City — on Wednesday said they would continue to protect residents who are in this country illegally.

But Christie, who endorsed Trump in the presidential race, said Wednesday on New Jersey 101.5's Ask The Governor that he agrees with the president's move.

"I think that elected officials can’t be allowed to pick and chose the laws they wish to comply with," Christie said. "And if they are not going to change I can guarantee them something: Donald Trump is going to take away their funding."

Christie expects the executive order to end up in court, but added that when Trump "says he is going to do something, he does it."

"The cavalier days are over," he said. "President Obama is gone."

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