In the February 2016 edition of Ask the Governor, Chris Christie joined New Jersey 101.5's just hours after renominating a Supreme Court nominee Democrats wouldn't take up four years earlier, and just days after endorsing a presidential candidate Christie dismissed as having "no experience" and the wrong "temperament" just months earlier.

The conversation started off with Christie's controversial endorsement of Donald Trump — a move he said he knew would upset some Republicans. Christie argued getting behind Trump will help keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House, and said he knows his advice is valuable to the front-runner.

Christie declined to offer a hard line on a gas tax, saying only that if legislators propose a solution to transportation funding, he'll react then. He said negotiators are working hard to avoid an NJ Transit strike while emphasizing the costs of concessions would be paid by taxpayers and riders — and without saying what contingencies are in place if a strike occurs. And he placed blame for delays on an Atlantic City takeover on the state Assembly — promising "New Jersey is not bailing them out again. It’s not gonna happen. Not on my watch.”

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