Think President Donald Trump's administration is off to a rocky start? You're not the only one.

Monday night, when Gov. Chris Christie joined Eric Scott for New Jersey 101.5's "Ask the Governor," Christie said he was upset to see the Trump camp make so many mistakes in its first few weeks.

"It's frustrating to see my friend ill-served, especially when these are unforced errors that didn't need to happen," Christie said.

But Christie, who'd been the first of Trump's GOP rivals to endorse the future president, said he believed Trump was a "very good executive" who'd be able to bounce back — and keep such unforced errors from becoming the norm.

The governor also voiced support for Trump's pledge to cut funding to sanctuary cities — loosely defined as those that don't cooperate with federal officials on immigration enforcement — and promised to veto a Democratic proposal to replace those funds with state grants.

Christie said he didn't expect many surprises in this year's budget proposal — though he coyly suggested it could include school funding reform, an issue on which he and Democrats in the state legislature remain far apart.

Christie has proposed equal state funding allotments for every student in the state — a plan that would give major tax breaks to many suburban districts while pulling funds from urban districts that currently receive considerably more. But a New Jersey 101.5 analysis found that many of the wealthier districts what would benefit from the state funding change are among those that spend the most on their students.

Christie spoke with pride about work done to assist families and businesses hurt by superstorm Sandy, saying it's only the remaining problems that get attention. He called the Sandy recovery the proudest accomplishment of his governorship.

Around 350,000 homes were destroyed or damaged by Sandy. There are still around 3,200 victims with incomplete home elevation and construction projects.

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