Today's #BlueFriday honoree is Howell Township Police Captain Tom Rizzo. His team was involved in a chase after two suspects crashed a stolen Mercedes and took off running. They ended up in a rideshare car and were subsequently confronted and arrested.

The story struck me as worthy of a mention for several reasons. First, it highlights the point I've been making for years that no matter how safe and quiet your town may be, there may be people passing through at any given time up to no good. In this case, according to a report from News 12 New Jersey, the cops are dealing with ongoing stolen car activity.

The chase that ended in the arrest of two suspects from Newark happened last week. Three cars were involved in the attempted getaway. Two escaped by driving over lawns in local neighborhoods. Police Captain Tom Rizzo explained his frustration that cops are having a hard time keeping up with criminal rings like this one because NJ bail reform laws allow for suspects to be released and in many cases just keep on committing the same crimes.

Despite the frustration, Capt. Rizzo and his colleagues in Howell get up everyday to do the job of keeping our community safe. It is inexcusable that politicians in Trenton pay lip service to law and order, expecting support from cop unions for their reelection bids, and fail to enact public policy to actually protect cops and the communities they serve.

Check out the video and article from New 12 New Jersey HERE.

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