What a blast I had Saturday hosting the "Best Dressed Pet" contest at the Super Pet Expo at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison! People came from all over to see dogs, cats, birds, a turtle and even bearded dragons compete to win Amazon gift cards. Some not only dressed their dogs but trained them to use props as well. That was the case with the winner "Lunchbox," who actually posed with a shopping cart full of groceries. You would think she would share the food after she won...or is it a he?

Other finalists were "Mardo Gras" and "Breakfast at Tiffany," owned by designer Dawn Santucci of TUCCIPUCCI.COM who came with "Aunt Lisa Pet Nanny," which to me sounds like a movie character on the Animal planet.

It was so cool to see all these leashed pets walking around not going for each other or lifting there leg. then again there was not a tree or fire hydrant to be found!

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