Carli Lloyd made a 55 yard field goal at Eagles practice. With that kick the Delran native and two time FIFA World Cup champ may have opened the door for women to make NFL rosters. Actually the door has been opened before on lower level teams but never stayed open.

In 1970 Pat Pilinkas was the holder for her husband Stephen Palinkas on the Orlando Panthers of the Atlantic Coast Football League. According to Wikipedia, "Palinkas's first game was August 15, 1970, against the Bridgeport Jets. On her first play, she was attacked by Jets defenseman Wally Florence, who admittedly (and unsuccessfully) attempted to 'break her neck' as punishment for what he perceived to be 'making folly with a man's game.' Palinkas went on to appear four more times: three consecutive successful extra point kicks, and a field goal attempt that was blocked."

The time has come to try again, this time in the NFL. Could Carli Lloyd make an NFL roster? Former Pro Bowl kicker Martin Gramitica thinks so, telling TMZ he'd be willing to train her. If something like that were to happen, it would open the door for other women to try out. If you can make a pressure kick in the World Cup, why not a field goal without a goalie in front of the post. Why not give these women a shot at a post World Cup career and other like them as well?

As we see from the World Cup champions, not only are women great soccer players, but the best of the best. NFL teams who wait for the kicking bus to pull up carrying the same old rotating guys, would be smart to offer some tryouts. Imagine what it would do for pre season ratings if they did.Imagine if they made the team. I totally think that they can and it's well worth the shot. Carly Lloyd may have just kicked the door open.

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