No, I’m not obsessed with Carli Lloyd nor do I have a creepy crush on her. This is the second time I’ve written about her this summer simply because she is an amazing athlete and exemplary human being. I might be a little biased since she is from my hometown of Delran New Jersey, and a local legend there. But she’s also a legend at Rutgers and in the soccer world too. This week she was in town with the US Women’s Soccer team in Philadelphia preparing for a big game next week. She also made time to hang out with the Philadelphia Eagles during their training camp practices. During which she kicked a 55-yard field goal through narrow uprights. A feat most professional football kickers would love to achieve. In the world of sports she is probably one of the more underrated athletes in the world.

Some people say we shouldn’t hold athletes of celebrities up as role models for young people but Carli Lord truly is, and exemplifies it every time she appears in public. In a world of so much negativity and strife, she is a bright spot that never disappoints. If you want to see Carli and her US Women's Soccer teammates in person next Thursday at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. But you'd better get your tickets soon. They've already broken a ticket sales record for this game against Portugal next week. Beside her amazing athletic ability and hard work she carries herself with grace and humility, a rare commodity among the famous today. If you have a kid that plays sports, boy or girl, point to Carli Lloyd and tell your young athlete, “be like her”!

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