Nothing epitomizes summertime fun and excitement in New Jersey than a trip to a theme park.

Whether you prefer the thrills of a death-defying roller coaster or the latest drop ride, or more gentler fun from a ferris wheel or carousel, you have your choice of destination. According to, there are almost two dozen amusement parks currently in operation throughout the great Garden State.

In fact, with a grand total of 49 roller coasters (as of this writing), New Jersey has the most coasters per square mile of any state in the country. (And second-place is not even close.)

I present a little challenge for all of New Jersey's theme park junkies. A "Pop Quiz" of sorts. Can you identify fourteen of New Jersey's theme parks, by looking at a top-down image from Google Earth? It may be harder than you think!

Some helpful hints before you start guessing:
1.) As you scroll down, for each of the fourteen locations, first you'll see a Google Earth image, then a helpful hint, then the answer.
2.) North is always at the top of the Google Earth image.
3.) Don't forget to look for clues around the specified park: Waterways, highways, other buildings, etc.
4.) Bonus points for naming the town each park is in too.

Keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the ride at all times. Have fun and good luck!

POP QUIZ: Can you guess these NJ theme parks from Google Earth images?

Gallery Credit: Dan Zarrow

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POP QUIZ: Can you guess these NJ landmarks from Google Earth images?

Gallery Credit: Dan Zarrow

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