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The good news for New York Giants’ fans (and the people who took a long-shot flyer on them to win the NFC East in 2020) is some team is going to win it.

I do not think you would have gotten many “experts” that would have told you, going into Week 14 of the NFL season, that the Giants and Washington would be in a two-horse race to win the division.

In fact, if you predicted that, I would have to ask you where you are keeping your Grays Sports Almanac, and if I could borrow it for just 10 minutes (that is all the time I would need).

Seriously, though, here we are in December, and the two of the three NFC teams with winning streaks longer than two games lead the NFC East odds to win the division. Both teams come into Week 14 off stunning road wins in Week 13.

New York, with Colt McCoy under center, went out to face NFC West leader Seattle and held the Seahawks to just five points through three quarters in a 17-12 victory.

Then, on Monday Early Evening Football, Washington rallied from 14-0 down to knock off Pittsburgh 23-17, sending the Steelers to their first loss of the 2020 season.

Remember, this is a Washington team that does not even have a nickname for the year: they are called the Football Team.

Right now, the Giants, at 5-7, are a -150 favorite to win the NFC East and get a home game in the playoffs as a division winner. Washington is around +150, with the 3-8-1 Philadelphia Eagles at +1400, and the Dallas Cowboys at +1800. The last two teams might be the two most disappointing in the league. Fans of both will have to live with a year of taunting from either North Jersey or Montgomery County, Maryland.

The crazy thing is, this is not over yet.

The Giants, who have won four straight, have what looked a month ago like a brutal schedule down the stretch. Now, though, they get the Arizona Cardinals (6-6, losers of three straight and four of five), the Cleveland Browns (9-3), and the Cowboys at home, while they go to Baltimore to face the floundering Ravens on the penultimate weekend.

Washington has a slightly easier schedule, but loses the tiebreaker to the Giants thanks to two head-to-head wins by New York, which is probably why the odds are in favor of the Giants.

If I had to throw a few bucks on one team here, I might take a chance with Washington at odds of +150, just because the Football Team offers more value. Is 6-10 going to be good enough to win a NFL division?

Maybe. It is 2020, after all.

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