⛽Drivers were pulled over after filling up at a Conoco gas station in Camden

⛽39 customers reported tainted gas from the station exactly two months ago

⛽The city of Camden said the owner fulfilled the requirements to reopen

CAMDEN — At least a dozen vehicles were pulled over along Admiral Wilson Boulevard on Sunday evening after filling up at the same Conoco gas station whose gas tank was found to contain mostly water a month ago.

A New Jersey 101.5 listener counted 16 vehicles including her own parked along the road to the Ben Franklin Bridge and in the parking lot of the station.

Camden city spokesman Vincent Basara told New Jersey 101.5 the station has been shut down by the most recent incident. Inspectors from the city's Department of Weights and Measures are looking at the station's monitoring and alarm systems.

Basara said it has not yet been determined if the tank monitors were operating on Sunday.

Drivers told ABC 6 Action News that the station offered to pay for Ubers to get home. A woman who was traveling with her two children and husband said that when she called the owner, he said he was not aware of the problem and hung up.

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Violations found at Camden Conoco station in January, required remedies
Violations found at Camden Conoco station in January, required remedies (Canva)

Water, gas and engines don't mix

The same station was fined $25,000 after 39 vehicles broke down after filling up in January after a heavy rain storm. Tests by the city and county found the fuel contained 58% water.

Basara said the station had satisfactorily completed the requirements to reopen from the January incident.

According to CarParts.com, water in gasoline can cause an engine to run rough and eventually stall. The water could cause parts of a vehicle's fuel system to corrode.

The gas tank and fuel system will need to be drained and repaired.

Customers who believe their vehicle was affected Sunday by tainted gas sold at the Conoco should call the city Department of Weights and Measures at 856-757-7131 or Camden County at 856-374-6001.

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