This is awesome to see. With all of the unrest and uncertainty sweeping the nation right now, it turns out New Jersey of all places is home to a protest that involves a ... get this ... display of good leadership. Maybe it really is the end of days.

At a protest in Camden, instead of throwing up their shields, police there marched alongside the demonstrators. Check out the video below.

What a strong display of unity at a time like this. I for one am still having a hard time putting my thoughts on these protests into the right words, but this video gives me hope for a better day. I may be basing a big conclusion on a 26 second video but to me this proves that progress can be made in this country. Something is working in Camden, and I'll tell you what, this is a ringing endorsement for the strict new ‘last resort’ use-of-force policy their police department launched last year.

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