Here's the deal in a nutshell:

Taxpayers have to fork over cash because of the incompetence of an administrator who saw fit to punish a bunch of 5th graders who spilled water onto the floor of a school and were subsequently made to eat their lunch on the floor.

The kids come away with a settlement of half a million while the school board reassigned the administrator instead of firing her.

Do you think the administrator in this case should have been fired instead of reassigned?

And how does this make you feel about additional monies being sent to the 31 school districts known as Abbott’s, in the wake of seemingly incompetent administrators being reassigned instead of being fired.

The (Camden) school board has agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by seven Hispanic students, who were made to eat lunch on the floor as punishment for spilling a jug of water.

The board had previously settled with the students’ teacher, Jose Rivera, who was fired after reporting the incident to the board of education.

Rivera, who holds a teaching job in another district, was awarded $75,000.

The administrator who imposed the punishment, Theresa Brown, was reassigned to another school.

Brown, now a vice principal at Camden High School, could not be reached for comment.

Members of the Hispanic community, including several then-members of the school board and city council, had called for Brown’s firing.

According to the suit, the punishment occurred after a student in Rivera’s bilingual class — overseen that day by a substitute teacher — tried to change a jug of water in a water cooler and caused a spill.

Brown then allegedly punished the class of about 15 Puerto Rican students by making them eat on the cafeteria floor, while other classes were seated at tables.

Brown also threatened the students with additional punishment if they told anyone about the punishment, the lawsuit said.

A review by the state Department of Education concluded Brown had forced students to eat on the floor as punishment for five consecutive days, but it said that was not a racist act.

The DOE rejected Brown’s assertion that her decision reflected a lack of available seats and trays.

The report said the students’ punishment was a “recurring practice” at Sumner due to the “failures of the school administration and lunch room supervision.”

So, again to review, in the wake of the DOE report that stated Brown's assertion of a lack of seating in the cafeteria was boggy, she gets “reassigned” instead of fired?

And the district winds up paying.

Again, YOUR tax dollars at work!

Do you feel the administrator in this case should have been fired instead of reassigned?

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