When it comes to Jersey Shore, I believe God says one episode of the MTV reality series and sent superstorm Sandy to wipe out all evidence. More of that evidence was wiped out Friday, Oct. 29 when the Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights was demolished to make way for a condo and retail development.

I kid about Jersey Shore. We've all had our own memories of partying there and meeting people at the various clubs, many of which don't exist anymore. I remember places like the Ships Wheel, The Beach House, The Silver Dollar, Baby O's. Of course, the best club you ever went to was the one in which you met somebody and were able to take it further (if you know what I mean).

Each and every Jersey nightclub represents a slew of memories for those who went there. The club may not exist in bricks and mortar but lives forever in the memories that are shared by those who hung out there. Stories that are retold years after telling them for the first time in the diner later that night.

So I asked my listeners and Facebook followers what clubs they remember that don't exist anymore. Here's what we've got.

Mark G. Tillson:

"Club Bene, South Amboy."

From Trev: The Club Bene. I remember seeing Pat Cooper there and wanting to see a young Bon Jovi perform as well. Among the many famous people to play Club Bene were George Carlin, Gilbert Gottfried, Meatloaf, David Brenner, The Ramones, and Warren Zevon, just to name a few. Club Bene was owned and operated by the late Joe Beninato, who would usually be perched by the front door with a cigar in his mouth. It was the kind of place that you could dress up to go to if you wanted, but you didn’t have to. To me personally, it was the Jersey version of the Copacabana.

Robin Bickell Thompson:
"The Clubhouse in beautiful downtown Plainfield-built in 1912

attachment-House Plainfield

Fountain Casino

attachment-Fountain Casino

Chatterbox Seaside Heights


From Trev: My mother met my father at the Chatterbox back in the fifties so in some way I owe them my life.

Michael Huppman:

"Bonnie’s Roxx in Atco, NJ."

Steven Suder:

"Dickie Lees - Dick Lee who passed away last June 7th  opened his club in Bellmawr in 1956 and kept it for 38 years."

attachment-Dickie Lees

Beth Coffey Fite:

"Enchante- Check out this introductory video of the Cherry Hill nightclub.

The Latin Casino

attachment-Latin Casino

Taylors- Taylor Mills opened this club after having success with both the Saloon in Berlin and Wok n Roll in Cherry Hill.


Coastline Bar and Grill- Great place in Cherry Hill owned by an even greater guy in Chris Mourtos. It lasted 37 years until Jan. 3, 2016."


Jeff Faist:

"Birch Hill- This Old Bridge club lasted until 2003 and among the acts who played there were Dio, Scorpions, Blue Öyster Cult, Cheap Trick, UFO, Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Slayer."

attachment-Birch Hill

Angelo Cosenzo Cordasco:

"Tony Marts-This classic club known by many different names, was made even more famous when the cult rocker movie 'Eddie and the Cruisers' was filmed there. Eddie may live but the club no longer does, closing its doors in 1982."

attachment-Tony Mart

Donna Blake Hacking:

"Playpen- Opened in 1980 by Art Stock, the Playpen replaced the Varsity in and lasted until 1994 when, according to Brucebase WIKI  Playpen North became Diamonds Bar and Dance Club."

attachment-Playpen Lounge

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