Sunday Football might be over but that doesn’t mean the feasts are.

There is ultimately nothing better than a trip to the butcher. It’s where meat eaters get the real good prime cuts of meat. Unlike the grocery store, which is usually chilly and maze-like, entering a butcher shop is a full-blown experience. You are immediately greeted by the sweet smell of greasy, fresh meat, and if you consider yourself a true carnivore, then the old-fashioned, tried and true butcher shop is the only way to go.

I asked around to find out where these once ubiquitous, now prized shops are in Jersey. The answer kept coming back to John’s in Scotch Plains.

While a visit to the butcher is rarely dissatisfying, you may be looking for something more exciting or to expand your horizons. Looking for the best piece of meat you’ve ever had? Head over to John’s.

Ever since their opening in 1939, John’s Meat Market has been the go-to market for New Jersey meat lovers. They have been in business for over three generations and in that time become like family to every one of their customers. Their menu consists of more than 30 different cuts of meat, all of which are freshly picked and of the highest quality.

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Now you can come into John’s for your classic order of chicken or steak, however, it’s the “Wild Game” menu items that have earned John’s its fame. From kangaroo to ostrich sausage to rabbit and alligator, John’s seriously does not skip out when it comes to their meat.

Now, you’re probably thinking what you would ever do with a kangaroo, but John’s has you covered in that area, too. Voted best butcher for years in a row by New Jersey magazine, they have a whole page dedicated to recipes that you can try with their meats and they also have guides on how to take care of your produce.

John’s is more than just a butcher, it is a valuable learning experience that every meat lover or cook needs. You can find them online here.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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