"Blinded By The Light" is a great title for a movie about a fan who becomes so influenced by the music of Bruce Springsteen in the '80s that it changes his life.

Bruce's songs have been used to emphasize the plot in such movies as "Jerry McGuire," "Jersey Girl" and "Copland." He has also written title soundtracks for "Philadelphia" and "The Wrestler."

Bruce's music doesn't have to stop there. Many of his songs actually lend themselves to full-length movies themselves. Bruce is such a great writer and so descriptive that he would leave nothing to chance for a director.

Here are a few examples:

Thunder Road: Inspired by the 1958 Robert Mitchum movie, imagine a new film with a hero looking for "one last chance to make it real. He tries to convince Mary and ends up convincing himself that "It's a town for losers. I'm pulling out of here to win."

The Promise: It could actually be a sequel to Thunder Road. Just because you set out to win, doesn't mean that you're going to.

Born To Run: Could there be a better "coming of age" movie of a kid growing up in New Jersey?

No Surrender: From "bursting out of class" to a "promise  we swore we'd always remember" with "romantic dreams in my head," the lyrics "No retreat, baby, no surrender" could really resonate today.

4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy):Can't you just see the "Tilt a Whirl" as you read this?  Nothing is left for chance in this one.

Rocco Frisoli picks Tenth Ave Freeze Out. He says it would be "a good biopic about The East Street Band."


Kevin Bartini suggests The River album would be a great Broadway Musical.

Rich Gunning picks I'm on Fire, saying "It'll be hot, trust me.

Pete Casiello suggests Atlantic City, reminding me "You can also add 'Meeting Across The River.'"

I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Jackson got his ideas for "Thriller" and "Beat It" videos from "Jungleland," especially where the kids "flash guitars just like switchblades." This could be the best of all the movie ideas. Who would play the "Magic Rat?"

Let's also not forget Born In The USA or The Rising.

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