Hearts across the country broke when a young lifeguard lost his life in South Seaside Park after being struck by lightning last Summer.

I remember that day. It was dark. I cried.

Now, steps are being taken so the same tragedy never happens again.

According to Shorebeat.com, Brick will be purchasing a Thor Guard Detection System that, "will come with on-board sensors that can independently detect electrical currents at long distances."

In layman's terms, the system will alert the public when lighting or electrical currents are sensed nearby.

I love this and hopefully, this will become an effective form of conditioning with safety being the number one goal.

If you hear the siren, you get your hindquarters off the beach.

Plus, the threat of lightning may be present when the public is not even aware. This system will eliminate that problem.

This system is already set up near beaches, parks and golf courses down in Florida and has seen nothing but success.

So it only makes sense that this safety success is being brought to New Jersey.

According to Shorebeat.com, the town will be buying two of these systems that will be set up for Brick Beach I and Brick Beach III.

The system's siren can be heard up to a mile away so beachgoers at Brick Beach II will also be able to hear the warning.

This technology will only make the beaches in Brick safer. THIS NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED EVERYWHERE IN NEW JERSEY! 

There would be no room for arguing with lifeguards or refusing to exit because technology doesn't lie.

This summer, there are a few goals: to have fun, to make memories and make sure the Jersey Shore lives up to its glory.

But what comes above all that.


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