This past Saturday I received an email from the wife of Brian Aitken. As you may recall, Brian was sentenced to seven years in prison for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition back in 2009. A new law, zealous prosecutors and law enforcement sent a harmless, innocent man to prison for SEVEN YEARS.

Governor Christie, responding to a public outcry to intervene, commuted his sentence and he was released just before Christmas 2009. It was in the fall of that year that Brian's father, Larry Aitken, in desperation, reached out to me to try and help.

We met at a diner. I heard his story and I was outraged and anxious to do something. With the help of thousands of New Jersey 101.5 listeners, the Governor was moved to take action, and Brian was released.

(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)
(Dennis Malloy/Townsquare Media)

Of all of the things the station has gotten involved in, to push for the powers that be in New Jersey to do the right thing, this was the highlight to me. The Governor subsequently stepped in to help others, wrongly arrested and jailed to gain release and live life in the freedom they deserve.

You may not like the Governor, and I've had my differences with him as well over the last eight years, but on these occasions, he did the right thing and deserves credit. Last week, he completed the job and pardoned Aitken for the one remaining conviction which has loomed over his head for the past seven years, concerning the possession of hollow point bullets.

Thanks to our listeners for doing their part and a special thanks to Governor Christie for stepping up and doing the right thing for one of New Jersey's citizens and for all of us. Here is a note Brian wrote to us on his commutation declaration and some email excerpts from our correspondence over the last few years.

Happy New Year!
3 Years ago, on January 2nd, I was arrested. I know my father has been in touch… but I don't think you have any idea how much impact you've had on my life. I wouldn't have a single breath of fresh air if it wasn't for your hard-headed dedication to truth.

I know, after all you've done for me, that it's a bit much to ask of you again. But, if you can find five minutes on air, I'd like to come in and see you… and thank you in front of all of your listeners for all that you've done for me and the State of New Jersey. You're a great man, Dennis.

I'm writing this laying on the floor of a friends house with my dogs and my fiancee in the other room. It's surreal. You are a true brother in arms. None of this would be if it weren't for you… and I will never forget that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let me know if you have time this week for me to come on air and thank you in front of your listeners. If that doesn't work than please let me know when you're available off-air. I'll never forget what you did for me and my family. Thank you, Dennis. Good luck in the New Year.

My absolute very best,

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