Thanks to our morning news anchor, Eric Scott, we had quite a breakfast in studio Thursday.

Since Jersey peaches are truly among the best peaches anywhere in the country (sorry, Georgia) why not grill 'em and make a peachy cocktail? Even my father-in-law, affectionately known as "Gump" in the family, is a huge fan of Jersey peaches. And this from a guy in Rhode Island where they carry a certain amount of extreme pride about their locally grown food.

Eric peeled, cut in half and then grilled peaches. Then he pureed them and combined bourbon, the puree and orange bitters to make a smokey, whisky cocktail. Not sweet at all, you really taste the bourbon and the smokey grilled flavor. After we had a morning sample, I though it might be the perfect combination of ingredients for a reduction that could be added to ice cream. So stay tuned, I'll be in the kitchen over the next week or so and will have a video and recipe for you!

For now, ya gotta help us name the cocktail: Most of the choices came from our listeners on air and social media. Tweet me @billspadea if you have a name idea not on the list.

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