MORRISTOWN — A picture that seemed to show border patrol agents arresting someone on Sussex Avenue has been proven to be doctored.

A press release from the town said the Morristown Bureau of Police has proven the image, which was circulated on Tuesday, was in fact doctored, and that no such event actually occurred.

"It saddens me to see an image purposefully created to generate fear within our community," Mayor Tim Dougherty said. "Morristown is diverse, welcoming and inclusive. It's especially important that we stand together as a community to promote these values."

The press release said the town "will continue to implement Fair and Welcoming policies," in order to ensure that situations like the ones depicted do not happen, and that they "do not reflect the values of Morristown."

Dougherty's predecessor, fellow Democrat Donald Cresitello, had been a proponent of the "287(g)" program that allows local police to act as immigration agents. Under Dougherty, the town ended its  association with a federal program to do so.

Morristown has a large Latino population — accounting for about a third of the town in the 2010 Census. It's also the home of several immigrant group.

As cities around the state and the country debate the issue of sanctuary cities to protect illegal immigrants, the town said it has "no intention," of implementing an ICE program that would have local law enforcement officers trained by the Department of Homeland Security to work in immigration enforcement.

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