UPDATE: Reports of ground shaking Friday in South Jersey

No one is quite sure what caused a big "boom" and the ground to shake in North Jersey this week.

From Bergen to Sussex County, it was basically described as the same thing: A loud boom or bang followed by a rumble and the ground shaking.

That would seem to suggest an earthquake, but the U.S. Geological Service says there was no seismic activity recorded.

Earthquakes are not uncommon in New Jersey, particularly along the Ramapo Fault Line, which stretches for 185 miles from Pennsylvania through New Jersey and into New York State.


There have been over a dozen officially recorded by the USGS since 1979.

The biggest recent quake was in 2020. A 3.1 magnitude trembler struck near Freehold. In 2015, a 2.5-magnitude quake was recorded.

If it wasn't a quake, what was it?

So Far, no one has been able to provide an explanation.

A similar mystery was reported in parts of South Jersey on Dec. 5, 2022, near Vineland in Atlantic County.

Dozens of residents reported hearing a loud noise and the ground shaking for several seconds. The USGS said it wasn't an earthquake.

Military aircraft were flying about three miles off the Atlantic Coast, and the U.S. Navy confirmed some of those aircraft were traveling at super-sonic speeds.

Sonic booms can be created when an aircraft breaches the sound barrier. That is what likely caused the noise heard from Ocean to Cape May Counties last month.

In this latest, incident, however, there has been no indication that military aircraft were flying over the region.

It will, for now, remain a mystery.

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