🚨 A resident saw an object tossed from a passing car

🚨The Union County Bomb Squad responded to the call

🚨People are being urged to report any suspicious activity

SCOTCH PLAINS — The Union County Bomb Squad and police were among those responding to what was believed to be an explosive device thrown at a parked NJ Transit SUV late Friday.

Scotch Plains police said they were called to the 300 block of Myrtle Avenue around 11:20 p.m by a witness who saw the object thrown from a vehicle that took off.

Looked like a Molotov cocktail that didn't ignite

The Scotch Plains fire department also responded to investigate what turned out to be a roll of toilet paper wrapped in duct tape that had been soaked in what is believed to be rubbing alcohol. A small bottle containing rubbing alcohol was inside the tube.

The item did not explode and was removed from the scene, according to police.

NJ officials urge extra vigilance

The incident comes as New Jerseyans are being asked to be extra vigilant about suspicious activity following the Hamas attack on Israel and subsequent retaliation.

"We call upon New Jersey residents to be extra vigilant, and if you see suspicious activity please report it to your local authorities without delay," Attorney General Matt Platkin said in a statement after the attack.

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