As I continue to make my way around the state promoting common sense ideas and initiatives one recurring theme is backing the Blue. The plan is to guide policies and policymakers to make New Jersey the place to live, work, vacation, raise a family, build a career, start a business, and eventually retire.

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None of the "Liberty and Prosperity" from our state motto is possible without strong law enforcement.

One of my last stops over the weekend was in Union County to speak at the annual event for the PBA groups representing all Union County Law Enforcement. I spoke about duty and sacrifice and how police officers and all law enforcement members make up a foundation for our society.


The room was packed and I appreciated the welcome from President Pat Moran from the Berkeley Heights Police and the organizers.

Bill Spadea speaking at the PBA Union County Law Enforcement.
Bill Spadea speaking at the PBA Union County Law Enforcement.

My message is simple:

  • We need to end bail reform that has been a disaster creating a revolving door for perps to get back on the streets in hours.
  • We need to reinstate a cost-of-living adjustment for police retirees. New Jersey is where our cops should be able to retire and continue to contribute to our communities.
  • We need to end the sanctuary state by reversing Murphy's 2018 executive order and we need to end the "Immigrant Trust Directive" from the AG's office in 2019 which essentially conflates undocumented people who overstayed and cartel traffickers.
  • We need to end state aid to towns declaring a sanctuary for illegal activity and end the trafficking of illegals into New Jersey from Biden's "ghost flights".

See you on trail...

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