You're driving down the highway, listening to the radio and chatting with a smile to your grandson secure in his car seat in the back seat.

Although he's not old enough to talk back, the smile and baby noises are enough to keep the conversation going. Then you notice that there isn't a response and turning around you see that the little guy is turning blue unable to breathe.

Fear, panic...wild emotions run through your mind no doubt.

This is almost exactly what happened to Maureen O'Laughlin and her 20-month-old grandson, Oliver.

Thankfully Maureen stayed calm and pulled over while calling police. She got out of the car, swung open the back door and removed Oliver.

Enter Harrison Township Police Officer, Corporal Kevin McGowan. He was responding to another call when he saw the car pulled over with the back door open.

Emergency vehicle lighting
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Acting immediately, Cpl. McGowan began life saving measures, including back blows to get the baby breathing again.

In a twist that shows again that real life is more bizarre and miraculous than fiction, Maureen had pulled over right near the Gloucester County EMS Station. From the parking lot, EMT Jenine Ellena saw the commotion and raced toward the car.

Thanks to the quick response from Cpl. McGowan and EMTs Jenine Ellena and Richard Kennedy who joined to assist.

The great news is that baby Oliver is gonna be just fine.

Thank you to Corporal Kevin McGowan from the Harrison Township police department and the EMTs who assisted in this life saving effort.

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