This week we had a very special team as our #BlueFriday honorees. This week we paid a special tribute to the Camden Police Department's K-9 Unit and K-9 Officer Achilles.

Lieutenant Zsakhiem James and Sergeant Allen Williams joined me in studio with K-9 officer Achilles to discuss how being part of the K-9 unit helps bridge the gap being part of the community and also protect the city's residents.

In the clip below, Lieutenant Zsakhiem James ad Sgt. Allen Williams discuss what type of training you have to go through to be a part of the K-9 unit.


One of the many reasons I started #BlueFriday was to honor the work that NJ police officers do everyday. The publicity that officers have received over the last few years has been overly negative. I think many don't have a clue as to what the day to day tasks are really like for these men and women who wear the uniform. Watch as Lieutenant James tells a story about what really fighting crime with his former partner, Officer Zero, really means.

While Lt. James' partner Zero is no longer with us, James has fond memories of the relationships they made with the community.

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