I’m angry today. Here’s why.

Several weeks ago police in Perth Amboy were unfairly the victims of overreaction. They were being told, as police often are, that their actions were racist. This was all due to a short video of Perth Amboy police confiscating several bicycles from teenagers of color because they were not licensed and registered with the township. While that was the technical reason that the police could take their bikes, that was hardly the full story. I wrote about this and offered the full video that told the true story, and you can find all that here.

Bottom line is these teenagers were being jerks that day. They were riding in a dangerous manner, playing a game known as swerving. That’s where bicycles go right towards oncoming traffic at unsuspecting drivers and swerve out of the way only at the very last possible split second. It’s a game bored punks play and has nothing to do with race but everything to do with stupidity

Police first had contact with these jerks that day and were nothing but professional and respectful and simply warned them to stop and told them they didn’t want them getting hurt. What did these dopes do? They went right back and did more of it. So the short clip everyone saw was the second interaction, not the first, and a poor representation of what really went on.

Yet once the full truth came out instead of letting it go what is one New Jersey lawmaker doing?

Democratic Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez has introduced legislation that would take away any town’s right to have licensing and registration requirements regarding bicycles. There can only be one inference here. That she still insists the Perth Amboy cops were wrong and racist somehow and darn it all if she’s not going to put a stop to it. Yep Lopez, you’re a real crusader. How utterly ridiculous.

These kids got their bikes back that same day when their parents were notified to pick them up. And as a result of police doing their jobs this imbecilic legislator won’t let go of the false narrative and is going to deny municipalities right to register bicycles if they see fit. And you know what’s really funny about this? It’s probably going to hurt kids of color more than anyone else. Because a main reason towns register bicycles is to prevent theft and to recover the stolen bikes if it does happen. And where are bicycles often stolen? In poor, urban areas.

I’m not only angry that she’s clearly trying to paint the Perth Amboy police in a bad light by doing this, I’m angry that she’s trying to solve a problem that does not exist. I’m angrier still that we have so many real problems in the state and this is what our elected officials waste their time on. Why doesn’t Yvonne Lopez come up with some true initiatives regarding property taxes for example? School funding perhaps? Something, hell anything other than trying to stir the pot and insist on this lie that cops are inherently bad.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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