It's the perfect weekend to make this Summer Beer cocktail. It's so simple to make and is very refreshing on a hot summer day. You can take this base recipe a few different ways, using different flavored lemonade or even limeade.

Also don't be afraid to experiment with different flavored vodka or light beer, the options are limitless and you are bound to find a prefect combination of flavors for your liking.

Make a pitcher this weekend and enjoy with some friends, but watch out, they are stronger than they taste, so please enjoy them responsibly. Cheers!

You'll Need:

1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate

12 oz vodka

4 bottles of any light beer


1 Lemon

How to put it together:

In a large pitcher add the frozen lemonade concentrate, using the lemonade can to measure add one can worth of vodka (approx 12 oz). Stir to mix and melt the concentrate. Add the light beer and stir gently until completely incorporated. Add a small amount of ice to the pitcher to keep cool.

To serve: pour in a glass filled with ice and garnish with a lemon slice.


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