Grilling steaks is a rite of spring, summer and fall and there are many of you, like me that continue that necessity rite into winter. It’s always a great idea to brush up on your steak methodology. There has been a shift in coming back to old-school cuts of steak and more attention focusing on cooking them right.

I have noticed that Kobe beef and other hugely overpriced cuts are no longer as popular as they were 8 months ago, maybe a year ago. I have seen restaurants dropping the Kobe beef in favor of reintroducing the tomahawk and its sister cut the rib-eye along with the t-bone and porterhouse cuts. Now the cost of the tomahawk and good rib-eye are pretty steep but the flavor is so worth the price. The stand-by sirloin strip and filet mignon are still popular but the growth is still in the tomahawk, t-bone and rib eye.

According to the USDA National Report on Beef the sales for the bone in rib-eye, which is also the tomahawk, the porterhouse, t-bone and the boneless rib-eye are all each up over 20% from last year. That is a healthy jump. The sirloin strip is down slightly as is the filet mignon from 2022 to 2023.


With that said the average cost of the rib-eye ranges from $10.99 to $14.99 a pound. Special cut rib-eyes at your butcher will cost you more based on thickness and quality but I feel it’s worth it to pay more for those two important factors.

In cooking a great steak as you know the steak should be at room temperature, resting at room temperature for about an hour to an hour and a half before cooking should do it. As most of you know the steaks should patted very dry with paper towels. Do not use a clean dish towel, whatever chemicals are on the towel although clean, will be transferred onto that beautiful steak. After patting it dry, salt and pepper both sides along with the side of the steak. I like kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. When you’re heating the grill, crank that baby up to the highest it will go. That will ensure the markings and searing on the steak.

As your grill is heating up, in a small pan, melt three sticks of butter with fresh garlic, salt and fresh rosemary let it infuse. Take it with you to the grill.

Put the steaks on the grill, depending on high the heat, keep it on for 3 minutes on one side, turn the steaks, and immediately hit the side that was just turned with a generous portion of the butter, use brush, remember too much and you’ll get a flare up.


After the other side is on for 3 minutes do the same butter treatment, turn down the temp to 375 – 400 degrees on your grill. Move steaks away from direct heat. Do not keep flipping steaks they will dry out. Close the lid and keep on for 3-5 minutes longer depending on the size of the cut.

Take the steaks off the grill and immediately hit with more butter mixture. Let the steaks rest for at least 15-20 minutes, you should have a perfect medium rare and a very juicy flavorful steak.

Good luck with your grilling. I know we all have a certain regiment that we each do to make the perfect steak. This is mine. Enjoy.

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