🚗 Summer is the perfect season to take a road trip

🚗 WalletHub ranked the top states for road trip destinations

🚗 Where does New Jersey rank?

Summer is a great time to take a road trip and the possibilities are endless.

According to a personal finance website, 75% of adults plan to take some sort of road trip with 33% planning to travel more than 250 miles from home.

WalletHub has released its report on the Best and Worst States for Summer Road Trips in 2024.

It compared all 50 states based on 32 key metrics with the data set ranging from the number of attractions to road conditions to costs to come up with its findings.

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Unfortunately, not many people want to visit New Jersey. It ranked as the ninth worst state to take a road trip, according to WalletHub.

It is the seventh costliest state in the nation, according to the website. It also ranked as the fourth worst state for the number of attractions. New Jersey ranked 37th when it comes to the lowest price of three-star hotel rooms. It’s average when it comes to gas prices, ranking 30th on the list, and as far as the amount of activities, the Garden State comes in 32nd place out of 50.

The price of camping in New Jersey is also one of the most expensive in the U.S., ranking 46th on the list.

New Jersey is also one of the worst states for both nightlife options per capita, and having access to scenic byways.

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So, what is the best state in the U.S. to take a road trip?

That would be Texas. It is relatively affordable, ranking 11th best on the list. There are also many activities to do in the Lonestar State, coming in fifth on the list.

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Minnesota is the second-best road trip destination for the summer. New York is the third-best state for summer road trips, due to having a large number of attractions and nightlife activities. It is also number one when it comes to accommodations and restaurants per capita.

“New York has the second most National Historic Landmarks per capita, so it’s easy to plan a fun road trip exploring the rich history of the state and how it has impacted our country,” WalletHub reported.

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Louisiana and Florida round out the top five road trip destination states, ranking fourth and fifth, respectively.

On the flip side, Delaware is the worst state in the U.S. to take a road trip. It’s the 10th costliest state in the nation. It’s the third worst for activities, and it’s the 36th safest state in the country.

Rhode Island is the second worst road trip destination state, followed by Connecticut, Montana, and Vermont.

To view the full report, please visit here.

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