When you think of a great cheesesteak you’re thinking of that steak all chopped up, right? And you’re thinking of it on one of those long, soft sub rolls.

What if I told you the best cheesesteak of your life actually had slabs of succulent steak and was shamelessly piled high with onions and served on an unlikely poppyseed roll?

That’s how Donkey’s Place has been serving them up since the 1940s in Camden, New Jersey. This place is so famous that Anthony Bourdain once called their cheesesteak the best Philadelphia cheesesteak in existence. Imagine that. The best Philly cheesesteak found right here in New Jersey.

Oh, and more people are about to find it.

Years ago a second Donkey’s location opened in Medford. Now a third one opening in Mount Holly has finally set the date. It’s this Monday, October 11. Columbus Day. A good day for discoveries, am I right? So discover this amazing cheesesteak for yourself. The new Donkey’s, called Donkey’s Place Downtown, will be at 37 Washington St. in Mount Holly.

When a third location was being planned but before an opening date had been set, I wrote about Donkey’s Place. Read it here if you would like to find out the following:

How Donkey’s Place got its name. I bet you’ll never guess.

The artful way nj.com’s Pete Genovese described their cheesesteaks.

The creative name of their second location in Medford.

Information on a book being written about the place.

And where the fourth Donkey’s location just might be opening up. Spoiler alert: it’s not in Jersey.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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