Here is what's being talked about on today's show.

What is the best or worst themes/songs from a movie?

Participation in youth sports appears to be dropping and some say it's because of the stress parents put on their kids. What examples of pushy sports parenting have you seen?

There is a new term, "phubbing", for phone snubbing. It's when your partner, friend or child ignores you in favor of their phone. Where electronics are allowed or not allowed in your house, and what, if anything, do you bring to bed?

A Wall Township student is in trouble for posting a picture of a rifle on Snapchat with the text "everyone come to school early tomorrow." He was taken into police custody. What should happen to him?

There are reports that yesterday's fatal Turnpike crash and fire may have been started as a result of a box spring mattress on the road. What have you seen fly off of cars?

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